Production Units

Our self owned factory was engineered and purposely built for maximum efficiency in production, consisting of five floors of each 20000 sqft (Approx).

Ground Floor
  • Ware House
  • Washing Unit
  • Office & conference room
  • Day care center
  • Doctors Room
First Floor
  • Winding (Auto)
  • Dining and Canteen
  • Knitting Jacquard (STOLL)
Second Floor
  • Sample Room
  • Inspection Room
  • Special Operation section
  • Finished Goods Area
Third Floor
  • Knitting Section (12 GG, 7 GG)
  • Knitting Section (12GG, 5 GG, 3 GG)
  • Knitting Inspection
Fourth Floor
  • Finishing Line System (After Wash)
  • Inspection Room
Fifth Floor
  • Line System (Before Wash)

All the working floors are well ventilated and clean with normal and emergency exits. Our general power is supplied by REB on failure, we are self equipped with 900 KVA generator power to meet all our in-house demand.